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  Riding the Jesus Trail or Gospel Trail on Mountain Bike The Jesus Trail is a 65 km (40 mi) hiking and pilgrimage route in the Galilee region of Israel that traces the route Jesus may have walked . It is connecting many sites from his life and ministry . The main part of the trail begins in Nazareth and passes through Tzippori, Cana (Kafr Kanna), the Horns of Hittin, Mount Arbel Cliffs, the Sea of Galilee,  Tabgha , Capernaum,, and the Mount of Beatitudes. The Trail with some changes and adaptions can be ridden by Mountain Bikes . An average experienced mountain biker can ride the trail in 2 days . Due to weather (some areas can be very muddy in the winter) there are alternatives that bypass most of the difficulties . The official Walking version of the Jesus Trail can be seen in the following map : Since the trail above was not built for Bicycle , we planned a route that is fully rideable with Mountain Bikes . The Bicycle Route 1st Day - Option 1 T

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