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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mountain Biking in the Holiest Place in the world

One of the best rides I led was yesterday .
I led my riding group "Northern Riders" in Jerusalem and it's area .
Panorama taken from the Austrian Hospice
We started Climbing from Motsa to the ancient village of Lifta .
Some of us swam in the spring of Lifta .
Lifta spring
Near municipality of Jerusalem (picture by Ayelet Nir 8-2009)
Arriving to Jerusalem we rode on the pavements through the modern streets and then through the ultra orthodox "Mea Shearim" neighborhood .
Museum of the pre 1967 border (picture by Ayelet Nir)
We continued through what was the border line before 1967 and rode to "Ammunition Hill" , one of the fiercest battlefields of the 6 day war .
Chapel of Ascension
Continued to Mount Scopus and then to the Mount of Olives .
We rode on down Mount of Olives to "Gat Shemanim" and then to the Old city near the Wailing wall .
The ride continued out of the old city via the Jaffa gate and to the new city , passing near the Prime minister suite and near the Knesset and Israel museum .
We passed Mount Herzl that is the national cemetery and rode down a great single track to the picturesqe village of Ein Kerem and on back to Motsa .

This type of ride includes all that Mountain Bike can provide .
Riding in cross country trails in flat area and in steep climbs .
Climbing to Ramot (Jerusalem ahead)
Riding simple single tracks and riding almost Downhill single tracks .
Mount Hertzel single tracks (picture by Ayelet Nir 8-2009)
Lifta single track
Riding in modern city streets , riding old streets from the 19th century , riding Jewish neighborhoods and Arab neighborhoods .
Streets of west Jerusalem (Picture by Ayelet Nir 8-2009)
"The Russian Compound" (picture by Ayelet Nir 9-2009)
Riding near churches , mosques and synagogues .
Dome of the Rock
Maria Magdelena Church on Mount of Olives (In the background : Rockefeler museum)
Near Zion Gate (Picture by Ayelet Nir 8-2009)
Riding near places holy to various religions .
Armenian quarter (Picture by Ayelet Nir 8-2009)
Near Jaffa gate (picture by Roni Marcovich 6-2010)
Jewish quarter (picture by Roni Marcovich 6-2010)
Riding in an ancient city 3000 years old .

Where else can you ride through such special scenery in just a couple of hours in 40 Km .
A garden in the modern part of Jerusalem (picture by Ayelet Nir 8-2009)

Hebrew descriptions , maps and GPS recordings of my rides in Jerusalem can be found in my web site in the following links :

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